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Xtreamwave is a company specialized in developing secure electronic transactions

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Developing secure electronic transactions based on contactless technology, from Smartphone to Java Card application used by Secure elements. Xtreamwave offers both reader and card side contactless applications, from RF hardware to Java card applets.

You can enhance your connectivity with our applets and systems. Contact us now!

Long term project & value proposition

Heart Explorer is a Research project drive by Xtreamwave

Xtreamwave is developing a long-term project to create a contactless biometric identification and vital sign detection technology for the telemonitoring, teleassurance of frail persons, and secure hands-free transactions markets.. Thanks to millimetric waves (From 77GHz to 81 Ghz).

Two thesis are on going on this innovation.

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The New Millimeter Wave Contactless Biometric Identification System

Jean-Paul Caruana


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