Company Purpose

Heart Biometry Signature

Founded in Oct. 2018, Xtreamwaveis an innovative start-up with the ambition to become leader in Biometric secure contactless transactions.



Research Program

  • Increase in Transactions such as Payment
  • Mobility growth: Transport, ID and Access are moving toward automated border control gates
  • It creates a need for contactless Biometric Authentication, taking in account security and reliability constraints
  • IDBioWave: mmradarwave to determine the unique cardiac motion as a biometric signature

Value Proposition

Customer Value

Technology adapted from the automotive field allowing the development of ultra-small, low cost new range Radar.

This allow precise and reliable small motions measurements of variations from vital signs with a broad range of applications and future products.


Highly Secure
Multifractor ID
Cost Attractive
Easily Adaptable
Low Data Volume
Proof of User

Our main actors

Meet your team

Team composed by experimented R&D experts with managing experience coming from Gemalto/Thales R&D department and young researchers.

Jean-Paul Caruana


Olivier Guichard

R&D Technical Director

Benjamin Chalant

Engineer Expert

Benoît Soloch

R&D Engineer

Céline Auger - Caruana

Human Ressources

Mélanie Brulc

PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering

Rémi Grisot

R&D Engineer

Alexis Mainard

Alternating Student

Ariane Fleur

Engineer Trainee

Mathieu Sarfati

Engineer Trainee

Estelle Turbatte

Engineer Trainee

Ines Barhoumi

Engineer Trainee

Why Xtreamwave

is unique ?

Person Identification without contact is not enough reliable today. Whatever the technology used. Here, thecardiac geometry of the heart is for us the source of a new biometry. It brings proof of life, it is non-cloneable and unique, it is ideal for personal identification, with privacy respect of the people observed. Every human is unique. It contains a set of biometric characteristics differentiating it from others. Our approach combines a unique pattern (the token) built from the analysis of periodic movements caused by heartbeat and breathing motions.